The Bogey Camera

FAA Friendly!
Easy to install!
Compatible with all GPS, Nav, EFIS displays.

Ready to plug into your display.
Dynon SkyView, Garmin G500 & G600, AvMap EKP V, GRT Horizon HX and HXr, Garmin G3X, MGL Gen 2 Odyssey and Voyager, TL Elektronics Integra, and many more.

Bogey Cameras

Bogey cameras are designed to fit nearly anywhere on your aircraft with the streamlined pod. You can mount this FAA friendly camera with the same practices you use to mount an antenna.
The Standard Bogey
This Day/Low light camera gives you a great quality picture in all light conditions. One big benefit of this camera is the variety of lenses available allowing you to easily change in the field. The Bogey comes standard with the 120 degree waterproof lens. This lens works well in most applications.
There are 5 different lenses you can purchase if your application requires a wider or narrower view. Don’t sweat choosing the wrong lens. If you feel a different lens would work better for your application, we will work with you to get your system set up the way you want. You may also want to have a variety of lenses on hand allowing you field of view versatility depending on your mission.
The IR Bogey
This camera is great safety camera for blind spots such as landing gear, tail rotor and rear propeller zones, and other blind spots on aircraft that operate both day and night.
– 110 degree field of view lens.
– Waterproof.
– Day color camera.
– 35 feet of depth night vision.
The Thermal Imaging Bogey
Now there is an affordable thermal camera for aviation.


The small durable camera pod mounts easily to any flat surface. The pod is commonly attached to inspection covers making it easily removable. Numerous camera installations have been FAA field approved on a variety of aircraft. The camera fits in a ball that swivels in the pod giving you 40 degrees of adjustment. You also have the option of just using the camera with a ball mount and coupler if you have a Non pod friendly installation.

12v to 30v Power Regulator

The voltage regulator power box can be connected to any power source from 12v to 30v. You may hard wire to the aircraft, plug into a cigarette outlet, or ask about the rechargeable battery option. The camera and regulator draw up to 1.5 amps. A great feature of the power regulator is that only one power/video wire is required to run to the monitor. Even with multiple cameras you can have a clean single wire to the monitor. For multiple camera installations you can also plug a selector switch into the regulator that allows you to switch between cameras manually.

Waterproof Video Power Cable

One of the great features of the Blind Spot design is the combined power and video in one waterproof wire. The power/video wire can be ordered in 6, 15, 30, and 45 foot lengths, or made any custom length desired. The waterproof connectors in each wire allow multiple wires to be connected together. If a 45 foot cable is too long you can order a 6 and a 30 foot and connect them together if that works better. The ends can also be soldered on if the wire needs to be fished through small holes.

Airborne Video Equipment Extras


– Split your display up to 4 cameras
– Many screen split layouts for 2, 3 , or 4 cams.
– 12 to 30 volt compatible.
– Rugged design.
– Easy installation.
– Plug and play into any brand GPS or EFIS display.

Digital Flight Recorder

– 4 Channel DVR
– 12 to 30 volt
– compatible with Bogey and FlightCam cameras.
– Many camera switching options.
– Up to 128 Gb memory cards.
– RS232 GPS input.
– Loop video.
– Auto start.

Camera Switch Box

– Up to 4 cameras.
– 12 to 30 volt compatible.
– Rugged design.
– Easy installation.
– Plug and play into any brand GPS or EFIS display.
– Panel mount or hand held.

Bogey Camera Specs

Bogey Day / Low Light
  • Compatible with FlightCam flight recorder or multiplexer.
  • Waterproof
  • Interchangeable FOV lenses
  • 700 scan lines. (equivalent to 760p)

Bogey IR
  • Waterproof
  • 110 deg FOV lens
  • Night depth of view – 35ft.
  • color composite day

Bogey Thermal Imaging
  • Image – 320×240
  • Frame rate – 30 fps
  • Detection range – 1km
  • Compatibility – all EFIS displays
  • Camera type – Uncooled Thermal Imaging Technology
  • 17um VOx thermal imaging technology
  • Gain/Level Control – Automatic
  • Image Polarity – White Hot/Black Hot, Invert/Revert
  • Zoom – 4x Digital Zoom
  • Operating Temperature – -40ºC to +55ºC
  • FOV lenses – 40deg, 15deg, 9deg
  • Voltage regulator – 12v – 30v