Rock Steady Camera System


The wired Rock Steady camera system is the ultimate solution in multi camera video. No more charging batteries, wireless control issues, or frustrations running multiple cameras. The Rock Steady wired solution works every time with the flip of a switch.

This system is the alternative to bulky and expensive multi camera central recorders. The Rock Steady camera system uses a small 5 ounce control box near each camera allowing the system to be installed with any number of cameras. USB video data can be downloaded from each camera through a central USB port. Live composite video can be fed from each camera to any Nav display.


Simply mount a Power Camera Controller inside an inspection cover, panel, or wingtip anywhere you want to connect to a camera. Install our all-weather electrical port through the panel and plug the camera into the port. Each Camera Controller can be wired to the cockpit for power, record trigger, live video, audio, and USB data download.

With this system you can wire multiple camera locations. A camera port does not require a camera to be plugged in for the other cameras to work. You can quickly unplug and remove the camera, or leave it installed and ready for the next flight.


Most sports cameras are designed for just that “sports”. The aviation environment requires something more. We have teamed up with Drift using their quality 4k60 camera. This camera in our rugged weatherproof housing and run from our power supply controller makes the perfect combo.

The 4K camera offers a rotating lens for easy mounting and aiming. The lens is also a 140 degree field of view which is popular for aviation video versus the 170 degree GoPro fisheye lens. Many pro videographers love the cameras true color and video quality.

This 4K camera also gives you a composite video feed for your Nav display. You can also use this live view as a safety camera for gear position verification or blind spots such as tail wheel aircraft.


The Rock Steady Camera System gives you limitless options. You can simply run one camera with only power and record, or you can wire numerous mounting locations with power, record, live video, video data download, and audio.  Start with one and add more later.

Use our Rock Steady camera mounts to mount the camera, add prop filters, or wire your panel with our multi-camera video switches. Let us help you choose components so the system can meet your specific needs. We can help the CFI needing one cockpit camera to the Youtuber needing a flying studio.