VibeX Pro wingtip warbird Mt


Low profile with ultimate stability for Drift cameras.
Great for wing tips on fast aircraft and warbirds.



This mount combination is the most stable wingtip setup possible for Drift cameras or the Garmin Virb Elite. The VibeX Pro mount is mounted parallel to the wing and slightly lifted. This works great for shots from the wingtip towards the fuselage, facing forward, or aft facing towards the tail during formation flight. This is a popular setup for Warbirds such as the T-6, T-34, P-51 Mustang, etc.
VXpro Surface base with raised block.
VibeX Pro mount with stud adapter for Drift Cameras
Add an adapter for the Garmin Virb Elite sold separately.

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*Safe & Secure (Select Combinations)
*FAA Temporary (Select Combinations)
*FAA Minor Alteration (Select Combinations)

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Add a Rock Steady Base. (Not compatible with Slim Mounts)