Strut Cushioned Metal Strap Kit


Safe and secure Cushioned Steel Strap for the Rock Steady Strut Base.
21″ Stainless metal strap with a rubber anti-chafe cover.
Universally fits any size strut from a J-3 to a Caravan.
FAA friendly temporary strap without tools.
FAA approvals available if needed.


Cushioned Steel Strap Kit
The Cushioned Steel Strap Kit is the ultimate safe and secure universal strap. The stainless metal strap is cusioned with a rubber anti-chafe cover protecting your painted surface. The 21 inch strap and cushion assembly can be cut to fit any sized strut from a J-3 to a Caravan. The strap is tightened by hand with a thumb screw into a custom aluminum block. This temporary attachment is very rigid to hold your camera as stable as possible. This strap kit is FAA compliant for minor alterations or Flight Flix FAA approvals.


Strut Cushioned Metal Strap Kit

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