Rock Steady Jump Seater Standard Ball Mount


Mount your camera between your pilot seats or over the shoulder.
Easily strap the mount to any aircraft seat.
Stable and adjustable for limitless options.
Quality all metal and polycarbonate construction.
Compatible with 1/4-20 cameras such as Drift, Sony, and 360fly.



Rock Steady Standard Ball Mount
Jump Seater Base

You want your camera between your pilot seats viewing the panel, or next to you recording over the shoulder, but you can’t find a good place to attach your camera? With the Jump Seater camera mount now you have options. Plastic and cloth interior, windows that vibrate, and body mounts that move too much make cockpit video a challenge. The jump Seater mount is easy to attach to any aircraft seat. With adjustable height and angles, this mount is nearly limitless. This is a quality mount with polycarbonate corner plates, machined aluminum parts, and adjustable nylon straps.
The Rock Steady Standard ball mount included with the Jump Seater works with any 1/4-20 standard camera such as Drift, Sony, 360Fly, JVC, etc.

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Safe & Secure
FAA Temporary

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Add a Rock Steady Base. (Not compatible with Slim Mounts)