Rock Steady GoPro Slim Strut Mount (No Strap)


Sleek & Slim all metal design for GoPro & Garmin cameras.
Mount to any sized wing strut from J3 to Caravan.
Attach to any tubing, frame, or roll bar from 1″ to 2.5″.
360 degree camera adjustability, plus full swing gopro adapter.
Use your own strap. (ie. gaffers tape, electrical tape, hose clamp, etc.)


Quality all metal construction with a low profile design for great Garmin or GoPro footage.
The GoPro Slim mounts are slimmed down to a basic GoPro adapter and base. Adjust your GoPro by rotating the aluminum adapter 360 degrees on a 1/4-20 threaded stud. Lock in place with the jamb nut using a 7/16″ wrench.
The strut base fits any size aircraft spreader bar, bi-plane strut, or wing strut from a J-3 to a Caravan. The simple clean design straps firmly to your wing strut without using bulky blocks or bolts. The FAA friendly base can be attached quickly and easily with electrical tape, gaffers tape, or your own strap.
It is recommended to use the GoPro safe metal case to eliminate the common problem of plastic cases and mounts breaking.

FF Approval rating for this product: 
Safe & Secure
FAA Temporary
*FAA Minor Alteration (Select Combinations)

Approval rating description: 
Safe & Secure – If installed properly, this mount is safe and secure to withstand forces of flight. If this mount is only rated safe and secure, then it may or may not meet the other categories on its own or in all installations. However, this mount is at least suitable for external attachment on all experimental aircraft. Though experimental aircraft do not fall under the same regulations for installation as certified aircraft, violations are still possible under FAR 91.13 and 91.15 such as with sticky mounts, suction cups, and plastic mounts failing. If installed, maintained, and operated properly, this mount is of the highest quality to never fail.
All responsibility is on the installer and operator. The hardware and parts needed varies with each install. Provisions such as loctite or safety wire should be used as needed.

FAA Friendly Temporary – This FAA friendly mount may be considered a temporary mounting device. This device uses attachment methods that may be done by hand, not requiring tools. This device, in most cases can be attached temporarily to an aircraft without affecting the integrity of the attachment point if used properly. Final responsibility is on the pilot using a temporary device. The FAA does not support installations that are not approved. Good references for portable electronic devises are AC 91-21-1C, AC 20-173, and ACE-100.
All responsibility is on the pilot / operator. The FAA does not support nor define temporary devises.

FAA Friendly Minor Alteration – This camera mount meets all practical design criteria falling under a FAA minor alteration. Under a minor alteration the FAA requires only a logbook entry from an A&P mechanic. This commercial off the shelf product uses recognized materials and design aspects that may be recognized by AC 43.13. Each minor alteration varies between aircraft types and mounting locations. Final responsibility is on the A&P mechanic making the logbook entry. The use of AC 43-210A may be helpful in determining your installation can be considered a minor alteration.
All responsibility is on the installer and operator. The hardware and parts used varies with each install. Provisions such as loctite or safety wire should be used as needed. Each install should follow 43.13.

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Add a Rock Stead Base. (Not compatible with Slim Mounts)


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