Metal Osmo Action Safe Case w/ prop filter


Never loose your GoPro from a case failure again.
All aluminum GoPro housing is safe and secure.
Attaches to all Rock Steady camera mounts with 1/4-20″ socket, or the included metal GoPro adapter.
included metal GoPro adapter.
FAA approvals available.
Fits any Hero Session.


Standard plastic cases break frequently from prolonged vibration and UV exposure. Never loose your camera from a case failure. The all aluminum Osmo Action Camera housing is safe and secure. FAA approvals are available with certain configurations. There are numerous 1/4-20 sockets around the housing that fit the Rock Steady Standard Ball Mount, or the included metal GoPro adapter fits the Rock Steady GoPro Ball Mount, Rock Steady Slim Mounts, and the VibeX Mount with GoPro style adapter.
Our FAA Approvals for require this case.
This case fits the Osmo Action camera.
Want to eliminate that annoying propeller effect? Use the Standard ND8 prop filter. How does a prop filter work? An HD camera image sensor is controlled by the amount of light it senses. In normal lighting conditions, the scanning frame rate of any CMOS HD camera causes any fast moving objects to move during the scanning motion (frame rate) of the camera. Our filter tricks the lens sensor into increasing the exposure value of the camera. The brighter the conditions, the stronger the filter you will require. Our ND8 filter is chosen to work well in most sunny light conditions.
Case Includes:
UV filter with cover.
GoPro fork and Flight Flix hardware.
FF52 ND8 Prop Filter.


Metal Osmo Action Safe Case

FF Approval Rating for this product: *SS, *TP, *MA, *AA Click for FF Approval Rating descriptions

*Safe & Secure
*FAA Temporary
*FAA Minor Alteration
*FAA Approval Available