Glass Prop Filter 37 (Low Light & Standard)


Remove annoying propeller effects in all light conditions.
Includes: Sunny, Standard, and Low Light prop filters.
FF37 screw on prop filter fits Drift Ghost 4K, cell phone adapter, and any other 37mm adapter.
Includes carry case.

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This kit includes a prop filter for every light condition. These prop filters fit all Flight Flix 37 filter adapters for the Drift Ghost 4K and cell phone clip.
How does a prop filter work? An HD camera image sensor is controlled by the amount of light it senses. In normal lighting conditions, the scanning frame rate of any CMOS HD camera causes any fast moving objects to move during the scanning motion (frame rate) of the camera. Our filter tricks the lens sensor into increasing the exposure value of the camera. The brighter the conditions, the stronger the filter you will require. This kit gives you a filter for every condition. The ND2 is great for low light or cloudy days, the ND4 works well in most light conditions, and the ND 8 is for bright sunny days.


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