All-weather powered GoPro Safe Case for Hero 9 (18 inch cable)


Never loose your GoPro from a case failure again.
All aluminum GoPro housing is safe and secure for FAA approvals.
Weatherproof power for your Hero 9 GoPro Safe Case.
Run continuously on USB power.

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GoPro Safe Case w/ 18″ All-weather USB power cable

GoPro Safe Case
Standard plastic GoPro cases break frequently from prolonged vibration and UV exposure. Never loose your GoPro from a case failure again. The all aluminum GoPro housing is safe and secure. FAA approvals are available with certain configurations.
Camera Mounts.
Our FAA Approvals for GoPro cameras require this case.
This case fits the GoPro Hero 9.

18 Inch Xpower-H9 Cable
The all-weather Xpwr-H9 cable fits the Flight Flix GoPro Safe Case for the Hero 9 camera to run continuously on USB power without loosing it’s waterproof capability.

Never again miss that exciting video due to dead batteries! The Xpwr-H9 provides protection against the harsh environment of flight. Now you can run the Hero camera battery killing apps like the GoPro Bluetooth smartphone interface and still catch all the action.

Xpwr-H9 18 inch Cable
Aluminum case with side door.
GoPro fork and hardware.


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