Aircraft camera power supply


Safely power any sports camera from aircraft power.
Plug in any USB cable from the box to your camera.
Meets FAA requirements.


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This aircraft grade power supply is designed to safely power any sports camera from aircraft power. The box has a standard USB output allowing you to plug in any USB cable from the box to your camera.
This Flight Flix unit supplies power with output for any camera, tablet, or device. You can mount this box behind your instrument panel and run a USB cable to your panel for charging, or mount this to an inspection cover with a USB port to power an external camera.

This unit is heavy duty with a metal case to meet FAA requirements. With nearly zero RF or electrical noise, this will be the best performing power supply you will find when it comes to electrical noise or interference. Designed to protect your camera and the aircraft with an internal resettable fuse. If the unit senses unsafe power it will shut down and can be simply reset by cycling power to the unit.


APS001 – USB power

APS002 – USB power and composite video (cameras with composite video out are Garmin, Drift, and bullet cameras).

APS003 – USB power with USB data transfer (power your sports camera and transfer the video files from your camera to the cockpit).

APS004 – USB power, record trigger, composite video, USB data, and audio for the Drift camera and Rock Steady camera system.


Size: 1.06” H x 2.13” W x 4.5” L inches

Temperature: -40 C to +85 C Altitude: 35,000 feet

Weight: 4.7 OZ

Environmental: DO-160D

Technical Characteristics Assy: FF-APS001, APS002, APS003, and APS004
INPUT: Voltage: Normal Range: 11.5 Vdc to 32 Vdc (Abnormal Range: 8 Vdc to 35Vdc)
Current: .70 Amps @28v input voltage at full load (.25 Amps @ 28v input volt typical Use)
1.40 Amps @14v input voltage at full load (.45 Amps @ 14v input volt typical Use)
40 mA maximum at no load
Efficiency: 80% typical @ 14 v input
OUTPUT: Voltage: 5.1V vdc Regulated.
Current: 2.5 Amp max (.60 amp typical Use)
Power: 12.75 Watts max

Overload protection.
Short Circuit output protection.
Overload protection without damage or degradation load exceeding 110% to an output
Short Circuit Protection, Over voltage protection, and max output voltage is limited to 6.2 Vdc.
3 amp input internal resettable fuse
Protection against high voltage spikes
Reverse Polarity protection against a 28 volt reverse polarity applied at the input by inline diode


Aircraft Power Supply




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