Mount FF Approval Ratings

FAA Friendly Mounting Solutions

There are many great advantages to using a camera on an aircraft such as flight training, data recording, and promotion. The challenge and big question is how can I attach a camera to my aircraft without being in violation. More importantly there are many unsafe practices being used that could affect aircraft safety or the safety of persons and property on the ground. Click here to read the product disclaimer.

Mount Attachment Approval Rating Categories

Safe & Secure

Safe & secure – If installed properly, this mount is safe and secure to withstand forces of flight. If this mount is only rated safe and secure, then it may or may not meet the other categories on its own or in all installations. However, this mount is at least suitable for external attachment on all experimental aircraft. Though experimental aircraft do not fall under the same regulations for installation as certified aircraft, violations are still possible under FAR 91.13 and 91.15 such as with sticky mounts, suction cups, and plastic mounts failing. If installed, maintained, and operated properly, this mount is of the highest quality to never fail.

FAA Friendly Temporary

This FAA friendly mount may be considered a temporary mounting device. This device uses attachment methods that may be done by hand, not requiring tools. This device, in most cases can be attached temporarily to an aircraft without affecting the integrity of the attachment point if used properly. Final responsibility is on the pilot using a temporary device. The FAA does not support installations that are not approved. Good references for portable electronic devises are AC 91-21-1C, AC 20-173, and ACE-100.
All responsibility is on the pilot / operator. The FAA does not support nor define temporary devises.

FAA Friendly Minor Alteration

This camera mount meets all practical design criteria falling under a FAA minor alteration. Under a minor alteration the FAA requires only a logbook entry from an A&P mechanic. This commercial off the shelf product uses recognized materials and design aspects that may be recognized by AC 43.13. Each minor alteration varies between aircraft types and mounting locations. Final responsibility is on the mechanic making the logbook entry. The use of the flow chart in AC 43-210A may be helpful in determining if your installation can be considered a minor alteration.
All responsibility is on the installer and operator. The hardware and parts used varies with each install. Provisions such as loctite or safety wire should be used as needed. Each install should follow 43.13.

FAA Approval Available

This camera mount has available an FAA Approval for certain cameras on most certified aircraft. Pre-approved engineering data can be purchased through Flight Flix allowing a FAA approved installation on your aircraft. Complete paperwork is sent to you with pre-approved data and installation instructions for your specific aircraft, camera, and mounting location. This approval allows a simple approval process for you and your IA. We have already done all the hard work. Eliminate tedious field approvals and inconsistencies between FSDO’s.
An approved installed mount is a part of the aircraft required to be inspected and part of the pre-flight. Flight Flix is not responsible for failed components after the install.